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My Name is Ashley Kemp, and I am an equine photographer based out of the Pacific Northwest, currently the beautiful Washington State. I am passionate about creating art through the connection you have with your horse. I specialize in portraiture, as well as capturing exciting and at times emotional moments between horse and rider. As an equestrian myself, I understand the amazing bond that we have with our horse and I seek to create lasting memories of you and your horse that fully embrace that special bond. 



Ashley Kemp Photography offers a variety of different services that cater to you and your horses bond and highlights any special occasions as well as the uniqueness of you and your horses relationship. Services include, but are not limited to, horse and rider portraiture, fine art portraiture and equine competitions and events. The horse and rider sessions encompass the overall love and bond of you and your horse. The fine art portrait session is a black or white background portrait of your horse that is detailed and truly emphasizes the beauty of your horse. The horse competition and events service includes early package options that are dependent on the event or competition that highlights the overall competition as well as candid photos. 


About Me

Hi! My name is Ashley Kemp and I am a 28 year old photographer specializing in all things equestrian. I would consider myself a complete horse girl, and combining my passion for both horses and photography has been an absolute dream of mine. Equine photography truly fuels the fire within me, and it brings me so much joy to be able to capture special moments between a person and their horse. From those intimate precious moments to the goofy candids that make up your horse's unique personalities, I love it all. I feel so honored that I get to freeze those beautiful moments and create a piece of art that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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