memories from the beginning... & on

what a special time in your life.. These are the memories you will hold onto and look back on forever--The memories you will show them when they get older, and an exhibition of love and happiness you can display in your home as a constant reminder of the joy you created together.

I want to bring the feeling of excitement and love to you every time you look at your family photos. Not just a memory of taking photos, but of being together, laughing, doing something you love and maybe even getting a little messy. Candid, genuine emotions that makes you smile every time you look at them.

Are you ready to make ever lasting memories

I would love to chat about what you are looking for in your maternity shoot. Start thinking about what emotions you want your images to feel when you look at them. Are you imagining silly free spirited photos, or maybe more intimate and serious. Either way, I can't wait to learn about what you are envisioning.

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